Artist Statement

As an artist, I aim to engage viewers in conversations about difference. Through the language of objects and material culture, I create pieces that explore themes such as gender, sexuality, status or taste, and question our assumptions on what it means to be “normal”. My goal is to transport viewers to a place where difference is depicted as epic and triumphant, and ultimately, to inspire compassion and dignity.



Benjamin Larose is a French-Canadian artist born and raised in Montreal, Canada. In 2016, he completed the Master of Design in Fashion, Body and Garment at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Upon admission, Larose was the recipient of SAIC's highest recognition, the New Artist Society Scholarship. For two years, he studied under the direction of internationally renowned artist Nick Cave and upon the completion of his studies, he was awarded the distinguished RumChata Foundation Fellowship. He is currently a Lecturer in the Art Education, Contemporary Practices and Fashion departments at SAIC. 

Photo: James Prinz

Photo: James Prinz